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SolutionCenters/Centres @OpenWorld Professional Network Rollout Schedule:

Origin of SolutionCenters/Centres-OpenWorld Concept on LinkedIn:

Seeds of Origin of OpenWorld Collaborative Concept Discussion on LinkedIn:

Global HUFI @OW Central (Alpha) Portal is now Live 

Global SolutionCenters/SolutionCentres @OW Central (Alpha) Interchange is now Live

 ■ North American Regional and National SC @OW (Alpha) Portals are now Live 

□ European Regional and National SC @OW (Alpha) Portals are now Live 

■ Australasian Regional and National SC @OW (Alpha) Portals are now Live 

□ Latin American Regional and National SC @OW (Alpha) Portals are now Live 

■ Caribbean Regional and National SC @OW (Alpha) Portal is now Live 

□ Asian Regional and National SC @OW (Alpha) Portals are now Live 

■ African Regional and National SC @OW (Alpha) Portals are now Live 

13,100+ unique, organic SC @OW (Alpha) Action Plan site visitors in Q1-Q4 2018 

4,750,000+ cumulative, organic SC @OW ecosystem site visits in Q1-Q4 2018 

14,500,000+ cumulative, organic SC @OW ecosystem pageviews in Q1-Q4 2018 

■ Transition from Alpha to Beta scheduled for Q1 2019 

□ 'SC@ OW Collaborative Enterprise' All Channel Media Campaign scheduled for Q2 2019 

■ Transition from Beta to Full Release scheduled for Q4 2019 

□ Rollout of SC@ OW (UK) Network (with Iconic UK Brand Partners) scheduled for Q4 2019 

Core OPENWORLD VALUES (Underpinning all OW Activity):
□ Knowledge Generation □

□ Relationship Building □

□ Information Sharing □

□ Value Creation □

□ Transparency □

□ Collaboration □

□ Stakeholding □

□ Authenticity □

□ Solutions □

□ Values □

□ Ethics □


[Live] SolutionCenters/SolutionCentres @OpenWorld Social Media Channels (Alpha):

 SolutionCenters/SolutionCentres @OpenWorld on LinkedIn [Live]

 SolutionCenters/SolutionCentres @OpenWorld on Facebook [Live]

 SolutionCenters/SolutionCentres @OpenWorld on Google Plus [Live]

 SolutionCenters/SolutionCentres @OpenWorld on Twitter:  [Live]


[Live] Help-U-FiXiT @OpenWorld (Global) Portal (Alpha):

GLOBAL: Help-U-FiXiT @OpenWorld (Global) Alpha [Live]


[Live] SolutionCenters @OpenWorld (North American) Portals (Alpha):

NORTH AMERICA: SolutionCenters @OpenWorld (USA) Alpha 

USA: SolutionCenters @OpenWorld (USA) Alpha [Live]

[Greensburg, PA]: SolutionCenters @OpenWorld (Greensburg, PA) Alpha
CANADA: SolutionCenters @OpenWorld (Canada) Alpha [Live]

[Windsor, Ontario]: SolutionCenters @OpenWorld (Windsor, Ontario) Alpha 


[Live] SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (European) Portals (Alpha):

BRITISH ISLES: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (GB) Alpha [Live]

UK: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (UK) Alpha [Live]

[Westminster, SW London]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (SW London) Alpha

SCOTLAND: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Scotland/UK) Alpha [Live]

WALES: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Wales/UK) Alpha [Live]

NORTHERN IRELAND: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (N Ireland/UK) Alpha [Live]

SCILLY ISLES: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Scilly Isles/UK) Alpha [Live]


ISLE OF MAN: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Isle of Man/British Isles) Alpha [Live]

CHANNEL ISLANDS: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Channel Isles) Alpha [Live]

UK DEPENDENCIES: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (UK Overseas) Alpha [Live]


REPUBLIC OF IRELAND: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Ireland) Alpha [Live]

IRELAND: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Ireland) Alpha [Live]

[Silicon Docks, Dublin]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Dublin) Alpha


EUROPE (EU): SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Europe/EU) Alpha [Live]

AUSTRIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Austria) Alpha

BELGIUM: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Belgium) Alpha

BULGARIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Bulgaria) Alpha

CZECH REPUBLIC: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Czech Republic) Alpha

CROATIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Croatia) Alpha

CYPRUS: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Cyprus) Alpha

DENMARK: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Denmark) Alpha

ESTONIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Estonia) Alpha

FINLAND: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Finland) Alpha

FRANCE: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (France) Alpha

[Aix-en-Provence]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Côte d'Azur) Alpha

GERMANY: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Germany) Alpha

GREECE: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Greece) Alpha

HUNGARY: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Hungary) Alpha

ITALY: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Italy) Alpha

LATVIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Latvia) Alpha

LITHUANIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Lithuania) Alpha

LUXEMBOURG: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Luxembourg) Alpha

MALTA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Malta) Alpha

NETHERLANDS: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Netherlands) Alpha

POLAND: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Poland) Alpha

PORTUGAL: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Portugal) Alpha

ROMANIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Romania) Alpha

SLOVAKIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Slovakia) Alpha

SLOVENIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Slovenia) Alpha

SPAIN: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Spain) Alpha

SWEDEN: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Sweden) Alpha


EUROPE (EEA): SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Europe/EEA) Alpha [Live]

ICELAND: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Iceland) Alpha

[Kópavogur, Iceland]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Iceland) Alpha

LIECHTENSTEIN: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Liechtenstein) Alpha

[Vaduz, Liechtenstein]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Liechtenstein) Alpha

NORWAY: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Norway) Alpha

[Bergen, Norway]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Norway) Alpha
EUROPE (EFTA): SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Europe/EFTA) Alpha [Live]

SWITZERLAND: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Switzerland) Alpha

[Bern, Switzerland]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Switzerland) Alpha

TURKEY: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Turkey) Alpha

[İzmir, Turkey]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (İzmir, Turkey) Alpha


EUROPE (Central/East): SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Europe/C&E) Alpha [Live]

RUSSIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Russia) Alpha

ALBANIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Albania) Alpha

ARMENIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Armenia) Alpha

BELARUS: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Belarus) Alpha

[Gomel, Belarus]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Gomel, Belarus) Alpha

BOSNIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Bosnia) Alpha

GEORGIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Georgia) Alpha

KOSOVO: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Kosovo) Alpha

SERBIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Serbia) Alpha

UKRAINE: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Ukraine) Alpha

MACEDONIA (FYR): SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Macedonia [FYR]) Alpha


[Live] SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Australasian) Portals (Alpha):

AUSTRALASIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Australasia) Alpha [Live]

 AUSTRALIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Australia) Alpha [Live]

[Darling Harbour, Sydney]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Sydney) Alpha
NEW ZEALAND: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (New Zealand) Alpha [Live]

[Corsair Bay, Christchurch]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Christchurch) Alpha


[Live] SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Asian) Portals (Alpha):

ASIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Asia) Alpha [Live]

ASIA PACIFIC: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Asia Pacific) Alpha [Live]

BRUNEI: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Brunei) Alpha

CAMBODIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Cambodia) Alpha

CHINA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (China) Alpha

[Guangzhou, China]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Guangzhou, China) Alpha

FIJI: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Fiji) Alpha

HONG KONG: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Hong Kong) Alpha

INDONESIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Indonesia) Alpha

JAPAN: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Japan) Alpha

[Kobe, Japan]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Kobe, Japan) Alpha

MICRONESIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Micronesia) Alpha 

MALAYSIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Malaysia) Alpha

MICRONESIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Micronesia) Alpha

MONGOLIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Mongolia) Alpha

PALAU: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Palau) Alpha

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Papua New Guinea) Alpha

PHILIPPINES: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Philippines) Alpha

SAMOA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Samoa) Alpha

SINGAPORE: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Singapore) Alpha

SOLOMON ISLANDS: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Solomon Islands) Alpha

TAIWAN: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Taiwan) Alpha

THAILAND: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Thailand) Alpha

TONGA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Tonga) Alpha

VIETNAM: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Vietnam) Alpha


SOUTH EAST ASIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (South East Asia) Alpha [Live]

INDIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (South East Asia) Alpha [Live]

[Mumbai, Maharashtra]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Mumbai) Alpha

[PAKISTAN]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Pakistan) Alpha

[Cox's Bazaar, Pakistan]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Cox's Bazaar) Alpha

[SRI LANKA]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Pakistan) Alpha

[Colombo, Sri Lanka]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Colombo) Alpha

[BANGLADESH]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Chittagong) Alpha

[Chittagong, Bamg;adesh]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Chittagong) Alpha

CENTRAL ASIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Central Asia) Alpha

AFGHANISTAN: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Afghanistan) Alpha

AZERBAIJAN: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Azerbaijan) Alpha

TAJIKISTAN: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Tajikistan) Alpha

KAZAKHSTAN: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Kazakhstan) Alpha

TURKMENISTAN: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Turkmenistan) Alpha

KYRGIZSTAN: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Kyrgizstan) Alpha

UZBEKISTAN: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Uzbekistan) Alpha

[Tashkent, Uzbekistan]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Tashkent) Alpha


MIDDLE EAST: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Middle East) Alpha

ISRAEL: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Israel) Alpha

[Tel Aviv, Israel]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Tel Aviv, Israel) Alpha

JORDAN: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Jordan) Alpha

[Amman, Jordan]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Amman, Jordan) Alpha


[Live] SolutionCenters/Centres @OpenWorld (Latin American) Portals (Alpha):

LATIN AMERICA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Latin America) Alpha [Live]
CENTRAL AMERICA: SolutionCenters @OpenWorld (Central America) Alpha [Live]

MEXICO: SolutionCenters @OpenWorld (Mexico) Alpha

[Puebla, Mexico]: SolutionCenters @OpenWorld (Puebla, Mexico) Alpha


SOUTH AMERICA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (South America) Alpha [Live]

BRAZIL: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Brazil) Alpha

[Recife, Brazil]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Recife, Brazil) Alpha


[LiveSolutionCenters/Centres @OpenWorld (Caribbean) Portals (Alpha):

CARIBBEAN: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Caribbean) Alpha [Live]

BELIZE: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Belize) Alpha

[Belize City, Belize]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Belize City, Belize) Alpha

JAMAICA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Jamaica) Alpha

[Negril, Jamaica]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Negril, Jamaica) Alpha

TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Trinidad & Tobago) Alpha

 [Port of Spain]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Port of Spain) Alpha


[Live] SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (African) Portals (Alpha):

AFRICA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Africa) Alpha [Live]


 SOUTH AFRICA:  SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (South Africa) Alpha [Live]

[Bellaire, Durban]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Durban) Alpha


NORTH AFRICA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (North Africa) Alpha [Live]

ALGERIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Algeria) Alpha

[Algiers, Algeria]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Algiers, Algeria) Alpha

MOROCCO: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Morocco) Alpha

[Rabat, Morocco]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Rabat, Morocco) Alpha

TUNISIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Tunisia) Alpha

[Tunis, Tunisia]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Tunis, Tunisia) Alpha


WEST AFRICA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (West Africa) Alpha [Live]

GAMBIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Gambia) Alpha

[Banjul, Gambia]SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Banjul, Gambia) Alpha

GHANA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Ghana) Alpha

[Kumasi, Ghana]SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Kumasi, Ghana) Alpha

NIGER: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Niger) Alpha

[Niamey, Niger]SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Niamey, Niger) Alpha

NIGERIA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Nigeria) Alpha

[Zaria, Nigeria]SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Zaria, Nigeria) Alpha

SENEGAL: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Senegal) Alpha

[Dakar, Senegal]SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Dakar, Senegal) Alpha


EAST AFRICA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (East Africa) Alpha [Live]

KENYA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Kenya) Alpha

[Nairobi, Kenya]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Nairobi, Kenya) Alpha


CENTRAL AFRICA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Central Africa) Alpha [Live]

CAMEROON: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Cameroon) Alpha

[Yaoundé, Cameroon]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Yaoundé) Alpha


SOUTHERN AFRICA: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Southern Africa) Alpha [Live]

MOZAMBIQUE: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Mozambique) Alpha

 [Maputo, Mozambique]: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Maputo) Alpha

MADAGASCAR: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Madagascar) Alpha

MAURITIUS: SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (Mauritius) Alpha



Launch of OpenWorld Organization (North America) Alpha on LinkedIn

OPENWORLD INTERNATIONAL: OpenWorld International Organization Alpha [Live]

OPENWORLD (NORTH AMERICA): OpenWorld Organization (N America) Alpha [Live]

OPENWORLD (USA): (Autonomous) OpenWorld (USA) Alpha [Live]
OPENWORLD (CANADA): (Independent) OpenWorld (Canada) Alpha [Live]



OPENSOCIAL (CSN): OpenSocial CSN (Confederated Social Network) [Live]

OPENSOCIAL (CSN): CSN Slack Design/Implementation Working Group [Live]




Real Time OpenWorld Ecosystem Action Plan Updates:
OpenWorld Action Plan (2018)

Elements of Proposed OpenWorld Ecosystem

SolutionCenters/SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (SC @OW) is in live, Alpha Phase development. SC @OW is a new breed of lightly algorithmically-policed, 100% opted-in organic reach, Open Source professional networking, publishing, collaboration, communication, community management, Specialist Q&A Forums and content-sharing concept.

The introductory SC @OW Action Plan Pages [OpenWorld Action Plan (2018)] are being modified in real time, to outline structure and map future actions.

In the meantime, please feel free to tender your thoughts, reactions, ideas, observations, hopes and aspirations for SolutionCenters/SolutionCentres @OpenWorld.


SolutionCenters/SolutionCentres @OpenWorld (SC @OW) Open Source Collaborative Professional & Social Networking (OSCPSN) embodies a concept whose time has come.

SC @OW is dedicated to realizing, enabling and supporting 100% organic online networking, transparent operation, and collaborative development and management.

SC @OW speaks to those who are weary of having their networking efforts negated by arbitrary algorithmic controls shaped by undisclosed commercial objectives.

SC @OW does not seek to compete with, poach members from, encroach on the core markets of or mirror the specialist niches of any other social media platforms, whether professional or social.

SC @OW is, instead, establishing widely-distributed OW Portals/Gateways, enabling passageways for content native to any other platform to be shared and distributed via OW’s own developing broad-based networks, in full compliance with each platform's content-sharing policies.

There is no need now whatsoever, nor would there ever be, to stop using other platforms in order to become an SC @OW (registered**) member or (unregistered*) user of SC @OW, HUFI @OW or OW services and platforms.

Indeed, SC @OW members** and users* would undoubtedly benefit from a richer and more productive overall Professional and Social Media User Experience, by maintaining their use of other platforms, directly in conjunction with SC @OW, just as Google Search and Wikipedia coexist in perfect harmony, each efficiently and effectively leveraging the distinctness of the other, to the mutual benefit of habitual users of both services.

SC @OW members** and users* will be able to share posts created on other platforms, on their own blog or websites into SC @OW's networks, where distribution will be controlled by the personal selections of SC @OW members** and users* in a loose, autonomous confederation of independent blogs, websites and eCommerce operations all indexed for search within the SC @OW ecosystem.

Unlike traditional multi-site enterprises, it is the outposts distributed in among SC @OW's interacting networks of Local, National and Regional Networks of Nodes that will serve to inform, shape and determine the form, function and features offered by SC @OWC (SC @OWCentral) at the center. In conventional multi-site operations or typical multinational enterprise, the outposts typically feed, serve and are controlled by the center. Not so, with SC @OW, where the SC @OWGI (SC @OW Global Interchange of members**, users* and services at the center exists purely to facilitate service of the needs of members** and users* in interacting Local, National and Regional SC @OW Networks.

SC @OW also aims to become home to SC @OW’s Digital Content Distribution Network (DCDN). 

However, SC @OW members** and users* will be under no obligation to publish content on any existing or future native SC @OW or OW publishing platforms.

For independent publishers, SC @OW will readily share content created on other platforms via its own network, to SC @OW members** and users*, according to their respective preferences.

Addtionallly, SC @OW will serve as an aggregator for RSS, Atom or similar content feeds, to gather and distribute notices and links to members** and users*, again, according to preferences set respectively by each recipient.

In addition, SC @OW will also host internationally-accessible industry-specific, industry sector-specific and market segment-specific professional groups, owned and managed by SC @OW members**. SC @OW groups will be equipped with all the community management tools necessary to effectively grow and manage them in accordance with each respective group’s statement of mission and rules.

In addition, SC @OW will host Help-U-FiXiT @OpenWorld Specialist Q&A Forums at Regional, National and Local levels, attended by resident, tried and tested Subject Matter Specialists, with specialisms across a broadening and expanding range of niches, disciplines and areas of expertise.

SC @OW Central (SC @OWC) is a non-profit organization. It is being developed and launched collaboratively by an international group of dedicated and expert Anchor Stakeholders.

SC @OW will not monetize member data or information, neither by selling them, nor by selling access to them or by selling lead generation services or lists.

Since SC @OW's membership** and userbase* data will never be monetized, there will not be a need to restrict access to a rich array of core freemium services, nor to game members** and users* to keep them logged in to the SC @OW platform or plugged into the SC @OW and OW ecosystems.

Therefore, links to external sites and platforms of value to SC @OW members* and users* will be collated, aggregated and incorporated in SC @OW's portfolio of services and their use encouraged in the spirit of open platform-to-platform collaboration.

So, are you seeking a platform that offers:

■ True Affinity Networking?

100% Organic Reach for your Articles, Blogs and Posts?

■ Opportunities to Brand/Market B2B or B2C Goods/Services?

Broad Syndication of Writing with full control of content?

Sale of B2B or B2C Products or Services?

■ Promoting a STEM Seminar?

■ Levying your expertise/experience in Specialist Q&A Forums?

■ Hosting your own Forum or Chat Space?

■ Hosting your own Podcast or Vlogging Channel?

■ Presenting Academic Research Journal Publications?

■ Marketing your latest Book or eBook?

■ Showcasing your upcoming Event?

SC @OW therefore offers you an open invitation to share news of this new initiative among your social media contacts and to join them in exploring, investigating, monitoring, tracking developments and helping to add shape, texture, definition, direction and reach to the SC @OW Initiative.

Meanwhile, SC @OW will continue its policy of openly sharing details here and elsewhere, of concrete steps to create the next generation of Open Source, international collaborative platform for transparent, member-centric professional and social networking and content sharing, that will hopefully meet with your expectations.

During this formative period, you have a rare, potential ground floor opportunity to impact the rate and direction of evolution of a mass participation Social Media platform.

If any of the above would be of interest to you and/or anyone in your professional contact network, please sign up to follow SC @OW's progress and provide suggestions and feedback via the Comment Boxes to be found in the footer of selected SC @OW web pages or via the Contact Us form on every Local, Regional, National or Central SC @OW or OW Portal in the SC @OW and OW ecosystems.

We at SolutionCenters @OpenWorld, SolutionCentres @OpenWorld, Help-U-FiXiT @OpenWorld and OpenWorld thank you for your interest and truly appreciate any input you might offer in furtherance of this reimagining of professional social media.

OpenWorld Organisation
SolutionCenters/SolutionCentres @OpenWorld
Help-U-FiXiT @OpenWorld
TotalTranslation @OpenWorld
OpenWorld Central LLC
OpenWorld Central (International) LLC
SolutionCentres (Global) LLC
TotalTranslation LLC